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Street photography follows many rules and has countless definitions. It is an art form that in its dynamism and diversity is in no way inferior to its popular sisters and brothers in the great museums around the world. Its artistic potential unfolds through the elaboration of ideas, which can develop as mental blueprints or emerge playfully, linking one with the other.


Street photographers often think in terms of opposites and pairs of meanings. This results in a creative momentum that fills the space between hard demarcations. Chance, feeling, and the unconscious are indisputably compliant companions. This space is the place where an idea becomes art. In which the attempt makes the photograph.


Here we move between the worlds.

EXHIBITION & Vernissage

The Galerie INTREAL at the Gertrudenstraße 9 celebrates its opening with a vernissage for the photo exhibition BETWEEN WORLDS of the Streetcollective Hamburg and friends like Bastian Hertel and Siegfried HansenThe event will take place on 12.05.2023 at 18:00 at Gertrudenstraße 9 in Hamburg City. On 13.05.23 there will also be a supporting program with a joint photo walk and lectures by street photographers Sean Tucker, Siegfried Hansen and Maik Kroner.


Afterwards, the main part of the exhibition on the first floor can be visited on weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm. In addition, we offer guided tours of all floors to give you another look at the entire canon of images. These tours will take place on the following days:

  • Saturday, 10.06.2023, at 10:00 and 12:00
  • Saturday, 17.06.2023, at 13:00 and 15:00

No registration required.

Sean Tucker: The Meaning in the Making

Sean Tucker will give his lecture "The Meaning in the Making" at the premises at Gertrudenstraße 9 on May 13, 2023, as part of the BETWEEN WORLDS exhibition.


How do you maintain inspiration? How do you deal with your need for attention so you aren't led by the crowd? How do you discover your unique creative voice? How do you deal with roadblocks like creative envy and perfectionism? How do you build more meaning into the things you make?


In his one hour talk Sean unpacks his philosophy for the creative life and gives us ideas about how to stay mentally healthy and motivated as 'makers of things.'


Sean is a photographer, filmmaker and author, but this talk is aimed at all creative people, so whether you're a painter, designer, animator, musician, poet, dancer, actor, chef or just someone who can't help but create, this talk is for you.


The book "The Meaning in the Making" and the German translation "Sinn in der Kreativität finden" are available at bookstores online. Sean also offers an Audiobook recorded by him.

Siegfried Hansen: Seeing, Building & Completing Motifs

Siegfried Hansen is a Hamburg-based photographer who has been working in the field of street photography since 2002. His photographs have won numerous awards, been published and shown in several solo and group exhibitions in Europe, the USA and Asia. Siegfried Hansen has been active as a speaker, juror, curator and author at numerous international photo festivals. He also successfully shares his experience in workshops, one-on-one coachings and presentations at home and abroad. Siegfried Hansen is a Master Class instructor at the Leica Academy Germany.


He will talk about "Seeing, Building and Completing Motifs" on May 13, 2023 at the premises at Gertrudenstraße 9:


As different as people are, as different are the approaches to finding motifs. One finds "his" motif at first sight, the other is content with motifs that others have already captured a million times.


If you want to take good pictures, you first have to recognize a motif. Some people can do this easily, others have to train their eyes.


Walk through the world with open eyes - that is the first requirement. The greater your interest in life, the more you see, the more interesting things you get to know - and recognize - and process photographically.


Siegfried Hansen co-authored the book "Mit offenen Augen - eine Wahrnehmungsschule für die Streetfotografie" together with Pia Parolin.

Photo contest "BETWEEN WORLDS"

As part of the exhibition, we organized a photo contest and asked for the best pictures from the "between the worlds". Our jury selected three winners, who will now join us in the exhibition "Between Worlds" at the Galerie INTREAL.


Congratulations to Valerie Six, Nikolaus Schindler and Christine Kemp!

Not to be missed is the big thank you to everyone else who participated - your photos were enriching, inspiring, asking questions and bringing smiles to faces. It was an incredibly beautiful experience to be allowed to experience so much creativity! Last, but not least, we take our hats off to the jurors who made their difficult decisions with a lot of expertise and empathy.

ThE Jury


On Saturday, May 13, 2023, we will do a photo walk to the exhibition! We start at 11 am at the Landungsbrücken. If you want to join us, please contact David Stöcklin (@d_stoe) via Instagram.


The photo walk to our exhibition is fully booked out – we are not able to accept any new registrations. That's pretty overwhelming, so there's only one thing left to say: Thank you! <3




Friday, May 12, 2023


6 pm


Opening and vernissage of the exhibition BETWEEN WORLDS in the Galerie INTREAL at the Gertrudenstraße 9. You can find us between Mönckebergstraße and Binnenalster at Getrudenstaße 9 in 20095 Hamburg.


7 pm




7:30 pm


Lottery! You have the chance to win to hand signed prints from Sean Tucker and Siegried Hansen! Each ticket costs 5 EUR, and we will donate 100% to Hamburg's street magazine Hinz&Kunzt.


10 pm


Lottery Drawing – We will draw the lucky winners!


10:15 pm


Party with DJ Eggroni and DJ Phillyvanilly



Saturday, May 13, 2023


11 am


Photowalk to the exhibition – we start at the Landungsbrücken!

Please contact David Stöcklin (@d_stoe) via Instagram if you want to join.


3 pm


Panel Discussion with Maik Kroner, Britta Kohl-Boas, Julia Tzschüter and Oliver Jockers


5 pm


Artist talk "The Meaning in the Making" by Sean Tucker


7 pm


"Seeing, building and completing motifs" by Siegfried Hansen